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Company Overview

All State Group Services Pty Ltd is a privately owned South Australian company providing a wide range of specialist services to the construction industry. The company and its dedicated personnel have pursued All State to establish itself as an industry leader specialising in sensitive demolition, civil construction, site remediation, industrial waste recycling, waste skip and heavy equipment hire of any size or complexity.

Members of our management team have pioneered industry best practice in the safe and environmentally sound demolition of significant commercial and industrial structures. All State offers most preliminary construction trade works packaged for client’s satisfaction and convenience.

Developers, builders, councils, government departments and other business partners have come to rely on All State’s performance, quality, integrity and transparency in business dealings.

MD's Statement

My own involvement with the South Australian demolition, civil, remediation, recycling and asbestos industries is extensive and spans for over twenty years.

Our highly skilled and experienced team are also the most dedicated, committed and loyal in the business. We consider ourselves more like a family than just work colleagues. Our People are our most valued assets.

For more than 2 decades, throughout South Australia, the All State team has been responsible for:

  • the efficient and safe demolition of many of the largest and precariously structures and projects,
  • the safe and conscionable removal of asbestos from some of the most heavily contaminated buildings,
  • the successful remediation of wide variety of environmentally sufficient contaminated sites,

Our plant and equipment is presented as an example of our attitude to all things, being maintained to the highest standard and representing the latest in industry technology.

Project cleanliness and organised process is a core standard. Our client list is impressive and our reputation for unrivalled and impeccable service a great strength. Our ambition is to earn all our customers business by delighting them with exceptional services. We at All State Group Services, look forward to continually providing service excellence and enjoying the benefits of mutual rewarding with our clients.

Thank you for continued support.

Your faithfully

Stan Kapoulitsas

General Manager

Safety Worker

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