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Structural Dismantling

Allstate have carried out various types of structural dismantling projects over the years, having our own internal boiler makers working closely with our crane division and demolition crew, All State provides an unbeatable service with a package deal.

Veolia Dry Creek Hazardous Incinerator removal.

All State was awarded the removal of Veolia’s old hazardous incinerator.

A full detailed investigation had to be taken out to ensure no left over sharps were present with in the Kiln, draining of all hydraulic fluids from the cylinders and all lines, purging of the gas pipes including testing for Asbestos products within the stack and the internal lining of the kiln.

On satisfaction the stack, Kiln and all pipes where cleaned out, All State had craned down the Stack, demolished the Kiln and removed the steel shed structure completely down to ground level. We had limited space as both driveways either side of the shed were being used all day everyday by Veolia’s truck.

ACI (OI) Australia Stack removal.

All State was contracted to remove the old 110 metres high redundant Stack at ACI Kilkenny.

All State had used 2 large Cranes which took up a fair bit of ground space, with intensive planning from our Project Managers and monitoring the current operations and work flow at ACI, All State had come up with methods to carry out the works with no disruption to ACI’s daily operations.

The stack was removed, carted off site well within the time frames with no interference and or nuisance to all operations at ACI.

The safety officers at ACI were impressed with our safety documentation, work method and the team work effort from All States staff in working with all on site.

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